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Inspired by Nature

The Poisoned Few:

They drink from the poison humanity serves them and listen to the words of those set out to destroy them. They confine themselves to the space of popular opinion and fail to reflect upon the lies they’ve been given. These are among the most tormented of souls. For they go about life never having a clue.

Dawn’s Gate:

Dawn has arrived and opened the gate. The gate to the unknown and freedom to pursue. Walk with kindness and open eyes. For everywhere you trail there’s something new to unveil.

Inner Flight:

Depart from the brokenness that nests in the pit of your heart. Depart from greed and self-conceit. For everything about you that springs anew derives from somewhere deep inside of you.

Crumbs of Caution:

If you must take the bread from the hands that feed you, then take with caution as even the kind are broken-minded.

What is:

What are gills to a fish if there is no water? What are wings to a bird if there is no flight? What is a tree to a leopard if there is no shade? And what is God to a man if there is no faith?

Contemplative Master:

The Contemplative Master is one of the profound. He seeks knowledge with the ferocity of a lion and scavenges wisdom with the tenacity of a vulture. His words tear into the mind like the tracks of thunder and pierce the ears like swords under fire. The Contemplative Master is designed like no other. His only weakness being his pride at the face of the Father.

Just Walk With Me:

If you walk by my side, I will not betray you. I will stand by your side and never deceive you. If you walk by my side, I will honor you always. I will take you by the hand and open up to you. If you walk by my side, I will lend you my ears. I will offer my words and reveal all that I am. If you walk by my side, I will be true to my heart. I will treat you kindly and tenderly love you.

Refreshing Rewind:

The sun strokes the hills with a touch of green, casting soft shades of light, bringing creation to life. The hills come alive with every glowing stare As the sun is our friend even when we’re uncertain it’s there.

Perpetual Light:

Walk with the sun as she’ll lend you a way… A way of life worth living to the end of day. Walk with the sun even through the night, as she’ll not shield you from darkness, only lend you a guiding light.

River of Love:

My love for you pours out of me like water. Moving ever-so quickly towards a stream of lovingness. This love of mine is pure in form and like nothing I've ever known before. My love for you swims, oh so, freely in this body of water known as heart and desire.

In my Garden:

Let love flourish in the garden of the free. Let the petals of love unfold at the wake of the sun. Let love spread its wings in the garden of the free. Let the lungs of love prevail with every breath it breathes. Let the song of love sing its tune to the one whose ears are most attune.

Harvesting the Soul: 

Harvest the good that lives in the soul Rid of the evil at the the root of it all. Take company in the spirit of your greatest foe. For what is life without tragedy at the hands of woe?

The Sea and Me:

The salty sea will set me free And will always live inside of me. The salty sea will let me be And leave me in peace for life’s entirety. I long to be with the salty sea. For I’m forever entwined in its calming embrace.

The Monster of Men:

Pride is the monster that lives inside us all. It frightens the humility out of us and leaves our hearts in despair. We all walk blindly at the hands of pride and neglect to confront its evil intentions. But if you so choose to confront the demon itself, Be cautious in your approach, as the battle with pride is not frequently overcome.

You and I:

You and I, we move at different paces, Occupy different spaces, and live in separate places. I am uncertain of what lies ahead, For all I know it could be a dead end. But the matter of unknowing is eating me alive.

A Familiar Spirit:

I recall seeing your spirit before. Somewhere long ago, only somewhere we would know. Then you walked into my life and took me by surprise. Familiarity overwhelmed me and carried me to this strange feeling of similarity. At first glance, I was utterly shook at the feeling of impact love first took. It’s difficult for me to say Just how long I’ve waited for the day to see your familiar spirit once more. Laughing alongside me until the dim of day.

Brother Bird:

You’ve known me all my life and watched me grow along the way. You sheltered me through life’s worst company and given me sight to life’s greatest delights. You made me laugh to the point of tears and have kept me longing for you presence year after year. You set me free and let me be me and saved me from the loneliness that lies deep inside of me. You always knew what to say at the end of day and taught me to love through hate and deceit. And now that you’re gone, I’ve lost my way. But you left me with wings so I can one day take flight. And while you’re soaring above me ever-so freely, I’ll dream of the day when our flights cross into the sunset.

Blockage of Love:

I opened up to you and you responded with walls. The more I gave you, the higher they grew and left me imprisoned from the outside looking in. I guess I mistook you for someone I knew. And while you keep building this blockage of love, a separation has grown too far between us. The image I once had of you, I now consider delusion. As you've left me questioning why I ever opened up to begin with.

Destroyer of Man:

Society ruins us all whether we like it or not. We listen so carefully to the nonsense it delivers and watch and wait as it sneakily slithers. Society has it out for you and for me, orchestrating lies we refuse to deny. A life under the thumb of society’s reign leaves man forsaken and forever insane.

Love’s Timetable: 

To sit and wait, perhaps this is our only fate. Why we choose to hesitate is beyond my ability to contemplate. All we can ever do is wonder why life’s timeframe has yet to come together. I can’t think of you anymore as something further I need to explore. There’s too much time that’s simply been wasted, and I can no longer bear to think how awful the thought of you tasted.

Nature’s Fix: 

Breathe in that mountain air and let your hair fall down without a care. Listen to the wind as it whistles through the air. Feel your heart melt as the sun strikes a stare.  And smile at creation across all of the nations.  For what is hidden inside is best revealed outside. 

The Price of Loss:

To suffer the loss of a loved one may just be life’s greatest treachery. The tossing and turning at the feeling of loss, is what keeps my heart shaken and utterly lost. Lifeless and frail is what I witnessed that day, the day I saw death cast the life out of you. Nothing can stop the hurting of loss. For it is engrained in the mind and never stops. I can’t recall a day where I haven’t remembered your name or a memory that once took place in a sacred, open space. Wherever you may be, I hope it’s a place I’ll one day get to see. Where we can both rest equally in peaceful harmony. But until that fateful day, when my body is laid to rest, I will do nothing but my best to visit where you rest. And all the times that I’ll sit by your side, I’ll remember nothing but laughs and the love of your smile.

Love Game:

Love is a game that remembers the name of all the cheaters and liars who pave their own way. Nothing is worse than love’s ultimate curse. The curse of loving and losing at the cost of the heart. For they lie and they steal until the ultimate reveal of the loser’s of love who stand to know nothing but heartache.

Sweet Sunshine:

Sunshine, oh, sweet sunshine how I wish you would stay. To cast out the darkness that haunts me each day. I’ve searched the dark long enough to discover how much I needed you to stay.

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