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Only You:

You inflict your strongest rays 

whenever pride gets in the way.

You send down your hardest rains 

whenever you’re enraged. 

You cast out gusts of wind

whenever my mind needs discipline. 

You set the spark to your hottest fire

whenever my wicked heart has sinned. 

But no matter the weather, 

you offer me nothing but pleasure.

The pleasure to live life joyfully 

through all of life’s unpredictable weather.  

Take the Dive:

Come dive into my ocean

And sink to the depths of my deepest love 

To embrace a caress unknown to man. 

And to feel a heart no one else can. 

Drown yourself in the layers of my soul

And you'll uncover stories begging to be told.

Try to resurface and there's no coming back.

For my love runs far deeper than that.



Be still.

Let your heart refill. 

For the showers of my love 

have poured down on this day

and lifted the veil of sorrow 

that shall no longer remain. 

Nature’s Drink:

Listen as the drops fall one by one. 

Listen as it echoes with each delicate pound. 

Watch as these showers give way to an outpouring of power. 

A power vastly unknown to Earth’s disobedient drones. 

So stop now and think 

about this sweet nature’s drink 

And put your mind at ease 

knowing all that’s left to do is believe. 

Realize This:

We live in a world created for joy. 

Yet it persists at a rate full of guilt and suffering. 

We lie, 

We cheat, 

We revel in deceit. 

Do we not understand such dishonor we place at our very feet? 

We were created to struggle on all sorts of levels. 

We were created to find joy in the midst of life’s ploys. 

And we were created to love altogether as one. 

But the longer we wait to realize our potential 

the more life will steal and yield to reveal. 

This is why we must act now 

And refuse the lies that have continually driven us down. 

Let us sound the alarm of optimism 

so we can mend the world’s line of division. 

And realize within ourselves that we were created in His vision. 

Blue Skies and Sunshine:

Keep your eyes open wide and your mind a blank slate

For the world is ours to discover and to help recreate.

Don’t let fear burden your eyes with tears 

For nothing in this life should bring you worry.

Love one another and help your brother 

This life is hard to endure without a helping hand. 

Rest your head on the chest of comfort 

And believe that each day will bring new wonder. 

This life we live can be hard to journey 

But we mustn’t worry for there’s nothing but sunshine ahead. 

Silent Wilt:

I’m calling out to you 

but your response is silent. 

I gave you a chance 

had you only desired romance. 

My love was growing 

but you chopped it at the stem

And left me lying lonely across the dirt

bearing too much hurt. 

I’ve been waiting for the rain 

but it seems I now need sunshine

to burn away your silence 

and to warm my broken soul.

Love made me a fool 

How silly I must feel.

For thinking my heart could ever have a fighting chance. 

Radio Silence:

You inflict this excruciating hurt 

Each time you distance your love.

My mind goes up in rage 

why can’t we ever be on the same page?

You desire love

You want to feel acknowledged 

Yet when love walks your way,

you often lead it astray. 

I can’t understand it.

Saying one thing 

and doing another. 

Why can’t you just tell me that you want nothing of me?

There’s always a reason,

pockets for excuse.

Yet your greatest abuse 

has been this radio silence. 

Can’t even muster a word

How completely absurd. 

Just be real and tell me how you feel

But I suppose that would take courage

A rarity nowadays. 

To feel is to be brave 

and you’ve gone numb.

But that’s no excuse for this silent abuse. 

Trust is a must

I get it, 

trust me. 

But it’s hard to reach love when you build your walls.

I’ve poured out my heart 

Been left for the dogs.

Here’s hoping now’s the perfect time to move on. 

I’ve waited and waited 

and apologized for my acts 

But I suppose honesty isn’t enough

when courage is lacking. 

I’m done abusing my open heart

It deserves better,

I know.

Just realize I meant what I said 

and said what I meant

Nothing more. Nothing less. 

I’m saddened by our goodbye

Not even a proper departure

But this is the mess I must now lay to rest. 

Sun Power: 

Warmed by the sun 

and unraveled by the breeze.

My face feels revived; 

My lungs can breathe. 

Arms wide open

Embrace defeat. 

I can’t help but feel weak among nature’s retreat. 

The trees bring me ease; 

The mountains relief 

I don’t want to ever imagine life without them. 

How does she do it?

Mother Nature so divine

Offering her earthlings pleasure

each time they step outside. 

I can’t help but beam 

Through all of Mother Nature’s scenes. 

Her love a perfect match 

For those willing to drink her in. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure:

Cower behind a digital screen,

your eyes now opened to the ultimate viewing scene.

Stuck on the night watch you search for hours 

Hoping to get a feel of that short-lived power.

Ain’t nothing but a horn dog is all I've got to say. 

A superficial high you can’t let die. 

It was a simple fantasy that’s now turned into insanity

Will you ever be able to resist temptation’s kiss? 

The mind is deceiving,

Yet you keep on dreaming. 

Dreaming for the day when you can take home this erotic display.

Tap the keys 

And click the tease


Get set. 

Now watch the screen undress.

Shift your gadget into high gear 

Don’t let go until the end of show. 

A performance unmatched,

sure to give you a heart attack. 

What’s the use in making an excuse?

When there’s no limitations

or tedious expectations. 

The sky’s the limit;

The internet never inhibits.

You can let your ego go 

Her dainty features stole the show. 

Day in and day out 

It’s hard to even keep a count. 

A count of your lies 

and cowardly denies.

You fantasize that, 

yet you’re stuck with this.

How does one please your needy spew?

I can’t ever imagine myself in your shoes

But I can envision the challenges temptation may ensue. 

I hope you find happiness 

in a digital world of unhappiness

Where everything is disguised 

much to our demise. 

I hope one day you can jump this hurdle

and reveal to yourself why you gave rise to this burden. 

We all have desires; 

such sneaky liars

What you see is not what you get

You can look but not touch.  

In this simple game of mind tease 

that never seems to let up.

I don’t ever want to think 

about this seductive, little Internet drink,

so please take your obsession 

and throw it from your possession. 

Because I can’t keep living in a world where I’m not your girl. 


Chop off my arms 

Chop off my legs 

How do you fancy this botched display?

Conform to my ways; 

Let’s see how you play.

Bring me deeper into your deviant ways. 

I’ve now grown attached 

to your devilish latch

A latch you’ve placed on my heart,

No other love can prove strong enough to lift. 

I can only hope there’s no going back

From this painstakingly addictive heart attack. 

You know it 

I see it 

Yet out hearts still resist such a beating. 

This beating for one another 

that only time can truly uncover. 

Open Heart:

Open Wide 

Feelings unwind. 

It never stops beating 

though its palpitations misleading. 

How it keeps on growing 

Its enormity ever-showing 

Always overflowing 

into a river of unknowing. 

And consistently waiting for a love’s saving. 


Time’s are changing 

is humanity worth saving? 

We groan like clones 

about cases so monotone. 

yet when things are set right,

there’s still always a reason to fight. 

We’re sneaky little thieves 

always sitting upon our mounds of greed. 

Never quick to give, 

Don’t you know there’s millions fighting to live?

We harbor negativity,

in the midst of war and ruthless activity.

Minds set on autoplay,

distract our thoughts from end of day. 

When will we get a clue 

about the nature of our inevitable doom?

Maybe when everyone’s dead 

and there’s nothing left to be said. 

There’s no telling when we’ll start knowing.

Knowing how to cure our stupidity,

and this seemingly endless instability. 

I really hope, humans, that we start paying our dues. 

And stop listening to the voices that have made our minds literal goo. 

I so desperately wish for the day when we can turn our needs astray,

to start getting a grasp on the questions we need ourselves to ask. 

It’d be nice if we could dash from the superficial trash 

And start lending our hands to the forgotten mass. 

Because what it boils down to,

is this little thing called love. 

And learning how to shed some 

to humans we’ve never even heard of. 

So take those fists of rage 

and turn them into shakes of praise. 

For our world is in need of love. 

Isn't it about time we stop starving ourselves?

Heart Beating:

Why is it that I can’t sleep at night?

Could it be my heart that’s given me a fright?

it beats all night…

Beat, beat

Beat, beat

Pounding inside my head 

This incessant sound that simply will not end

Then dawn awakens 

Alas! My curse is shaken 

But it’s only a matter of time 

Before my heart, once again, begins to unwind

Beat, beat 

Beat, beat 

Night has fallen 

There it goes again 

Pounding against my chest 

Never offering proper rest

The longer the night goes on 

The harder it is for me to hang on 

My breaths shorten 

My lungs give in 

It’s time to put an end to this heart beating

Changing of the Tides: 

Intertwined in a love built to last 

My heart is now healed

What joy it brings me to feel! 

Wrapped up in your kisses 

How one goes on wishing 

To always be by your side 

Through all of love’s tides. 

Cruel World: 

Lost in a world all to my own 

Dreaming of never wanting to come home

Why must I part ways with this fantasy of mine?

Am I too much of a dreamer for life’s apparent evil?

What do we have to say for those eager to step away?

Away from a world that romances evil. 


You’re twisting the knife 

Why can’t you ever play nice?

A little to the left 

A little to the right 

Right into my heart you drive this dagger

My blood pours out before you

And builds this puddle of sorrow 

Yet you drive the knife deeper 

Aren’t you a self-fulfilling creature

I’m not worried 

For I can bear your pain 

I just hope I’m your last 

What sort of human would give you a second chance?

If only you’d look at me from this horrifying stance

Then maybe you’d see the man you could never be. 

Two Lovers:

Two lovers destined to be

When will time finally set them free?

For it’s been a long haul 

All this endless holding on 

So a little longer they wait 

Will there not be more to anticipate? 

It’s the distance that’s misleading 

Relentlessly teasing 

Yet they still remain strong 

Two lovers…

Bound by each other’s love song. 

Don’t Send Flowers:

Our flower once flourished in the garden of love. 

But what was once abloom is now facing its inevitable doom. 

For we’ve exhausted all our efforts and have nothing left to nourish it. 

Do we plant a fresh seed and start anew?

Or do we allow our flower to wilt and be swallowed up in guilt?

Times Three: 




It will help ease the sorrow.

Go Looking:

When you go looking around in life,

find the things that make you feel alive 

and don’t you dare let them out of your sight. 

In Hiding:

Seek the hidden

Divert from the forbidden

For there is great beauty behind what the eyes cover

Now open wide and watch life begin to uncover. 

Galaxy of Beauty: 

You claim my beauty resembles the stars and the moon 

High above the clouds 

and seemingly out of reach 

My eyes twinkle in the sunlight 

And offer light to the darkness that comes with night 

I cocoon your soul in comfort 

And silence your mind’s thunder

It’s my beauty, you say,

that’s out there

Whistling through the air 

and soaring about the universe without a care

You have to wonder 

How someone so commonplace could ever find a place in outer space

It’s my galaxy you desire and my Milky Way of love 

Yet you’re always hesitant 

and refuse to budge 

Now’s the time to take your chance 

So you can finally stop viewing me at a glance 

just know that the journey to space is no measly race 

I’ll set the pace 

As you proceed with caution 

Letting down your walls 

as your softens 

Because not even distance can keep one from the stars and the moon

When it’s simply a matter of how far you’re willing to reach. 

Mind Games:

Perhaps the greatest romance we are to experience is the one orchestrated by the mind. 

The Tales of Time:

Time may be the greatest tale of all 

For its story is told by the hours the day 

and countless moments that take our breath away

Time carries the ability to enhance our visibility 

Our visibility of the world and all there is to explore

Time’s characters are always on display

Leaving and breathing in a world built for play 

Time is best defined by the worth in moving on 

For time’s struggles may vary, but are mostly temporary 

Don’t get discouraged by the length of time;

Its longevity defined by the memories we mustn’t deny. 

Remember Me:

Please remember me 

and all of our love. 

The leaves have fallen; 

Our season now faded. 

Please remember me 

and all that we shared 

How we were this loving pair;

No other could quite compare. 

Please remember me 

and the romantic spark.

When I’d lie in your arms;

you reading to me at the park. 

Please remember me 

and all of our fights 

We’d make up the next day;

Your love getting me through the night. 

Please remember me 

and all of our forms 

How we’d never conform

to the love that had come before. 

Please remember me 

and all of the smiles;

The time we took to make each other laugh. 

Please remember me 

and all of the sunshine.

Although at times it burnt;

never inflicting eternal hurt. 

Please remember me 

and all of my insecurities 

Whenever I was down,

you never could let me frown. 

Please remember me 

and all of my beauty

How it left you entranced; 

what sweeter a love to romance? 

So please remember me 

even though we must part ways.

Your love meant so much 

in a world that’s clearly forbidden love’s touch. 

Final Act:

Stand up tall 

and let your curtains fall. 

Shout to the crowd; 

Make them hear your sound. 

toe-curling and heart wrenching 

Such a sound your mouth pounds. 

Exhausted you now lie 

Haven fallen to your feet 

Clasps one’s heart gently 

How one now wallows in defeat.  



The crowd desires more.

But you’ve been left broken 

and hopelessly shamed for nothing more.

Once Mine: 

You swept me off my feet 

and overwhelmed me with a sense of defeat 

For your love sings a harmonious tune

Leaving me breathless 

Oh, how devilishly you swoon 

And while I’m deeply entranced by your tune and soft romance

I can’t help but ponder your exit and departure from this simply divine love dance

Is it all thanks to this pursuit of something new? 

Have you struck a pot of gold amongst these new, tempting few? 

Could it quite possibly be that you’re resisting to conform to societal molds?

I fancy to think it revolves around always wanting more

More of something new 

Which begs the question: have you even got a clue?

Am I in the wrong 

For believing you would continue to hold on?

Or am I but a mere prisoner to this fantasy that love carelessly permits?

Why do you bore of me?

I gave you so much love

And fancied your appetite 

Was it not you who always came crawling back to me?

I groomed your ego and submitted myself to your wretched ways 

For my love runs deep 

Deep into the trap 

You continue to mischievously craft. 

Bleeding Love:

Can’t you see me?

I’m over here bleeding 

Bleeding a love that should’ve never come undone

My blood a piercing red 

Red as the X you’ve marked on my head 

X marks the spot 

Go ahead, take your shot 

For my heart’s bound up in knots 

Knots you’ve so intricately tied in a mindset so distraught. 

What is to come of this?

Have you not given it thought?

Or are you far more consumed with the love you groomed

Groomed so well 

Placing me under your spell 

A spell driven by the lies so clearly written in your eyes. 

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