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Virtualize Me

Like this. Like that. Who's who? Who's doing what? I want her hair; I want her smile. Check out how she flaunts that style. Superficial in the bag. My, my how it's become such a drag. Drag my phone into perfect view. Snap that selfie. I hope it's you. Clean up that zit and dingy hue. Mustn't worry, there's Valencia for that. Here's a new face. I think it's quite fitting. Fitting like the jeans you die trying to put on. Dolled up. Mask on. Let's see how many likes I'll get tonight. Virtual reality, not set in reality. Ever think of being yourself? No, that's strange. You sound deranged. What? Why do we think that being somebody Must stem from being like everybody? Seduction seduces. Seemingly illusive. Fantasize all day. Wake up. Dream's over. Reality sets in. Wipe the drool and get on with the day. Want, want, want. Desire this, desire that. Fix this, fix that. You're too fat. Need to be flat. Trim here...No, down here. You missed a spot. He won't like that. Get in formation. Time to be a sensation. Feel no sensation. Performance matters. Go on. Before he skedaddles. Leaps into the lap of another. So sneaky. You'd think he's undercover. Under the covers. Leave him. Leave her. I wanted this, but ended up with that. What will ever be enough? Silence is golden. Save it. I'd rather have the truth. He cut me loose. I'm too loose. Loose canon. Not enough, he says. More curves. Be good in bed. We want what we can't have. And hide behind cowardly masks. What have you done? What have we done? How long can this simply go on? This theme of deceit. Mistreat. Word on the street. Our world is absurd. Haven't you heard? We've forfeited our freedom to stand for reason. Reason being? We've created this demon. Letting it run amok. Thanks to all who please it. Take a good look around, Are you amongst this crowd? This crowd of pleasers (aka deceivers) LOL.

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