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Sunshine Words

Hold On :

Hold on to your love,

for it is not wasted.

Hold on to your love,

for it could be the greatest thing your heart tasted. 

Marathon of Love:

Love makes us hide,

it makes us confide,

and it even makes us want to die a little inside.

Running from love leaves the heart restless.

But running to love leaves the heart vulnerable.

Which is worse?


Dance to the rhythm of the river.

Shimmer in the glow of the sun.

Sway to the rocking of the trees. 

And be free in this whirlpool of nature’s t-ease. 

High & Mighty:

You walk around, oh, so proud, 

Flaunting your dazzling crown for everyone around. 

You make lover's hearts tick,*

with words that, quite frankly, make me sick. 

And you carry your love around

Like it’s merely something to throw around. 

Your claim to fame is simply lame.

So stop playing these petty mind games 

because I think I’m going insane. 

I hope you know you're nothing what I thought.

So have fun being something that you’re not. 

Fools Play:

This love of yours is vaguely similar 

to your vindictive talk I find all too familiar. 

I thought I loved you, 

but that love has faded, 

deep into the abyss of our love’s tainted bliss. 

From the Past: 

I recognize your soul from a past life. 

And it hurts to watch you cast its memory from this life. 

It’s beyond my understanding,

the feeling that love first took.

When you looked me up and down

like no one else was around.

It’s clear to me your love first showed,

when upon your face was this tiny glow. 

And now you’re distant, but it’s oh, so consistent

With the fear of not knowing, 

but to me, it’s just running.  

 Love Strikes:

Love strikes all the time

and forces us to dig deep inside. 

To dig up all the decay,

from love’s lowliest of days.

So now all that remains, 

is a new space for love to take place. 

Soul Love:

The love I have for you rests in my soul, 

just as the desire I have to keep on loving you.

This soul of mine is quite divine 

And grows impatient with every aching whine.

A whine I plead so desperately, 

whenever I can’t find you next to me. 

I call your name in the night,

longing to get you back in my sight. 

And despite what you’ve done to me,

I know you’re my destiny.

So I sit and I wait 

until I’m given a date. 

A date when our love can reach its fate,

With nothing more to compensate. 


Madness is what strains my brain 

and what drives me deeper into a burning rage. 

Madness digs a hole within me,

and pushes me to the brink of anxiety. 

Madness makes us all go insane,

But it’s simply this tedious little mind game. 

Devilish Bond: 

Forever entwined in your teasing embrace.

For I cannot escape its tempting constraints. 

I am desperate to flee from this devilish bond,

but I am all too fond of knowing how long I can hold on. 

The more I hang tight,

the more I lose plain sight.

Plain sight of the fact that you may not actually love me. 


From the moment I arrived, 

you set my heart on fire.

And filled my mind with peace 

A peace I don’t ever want to release. 

I receive this warm feeling inside,

Every time I look to your skies.

I walk your dirt roads day after day,

and I’m greeted with a smile without ever a delay.

I can’t help but laugh in the midst of all this sun and play,

For I’m forever hooked on this lifestyle that I don’t ever want to stray. 

There’s nothing more comforting than this feeling of home,

That I’ve come to find in these kind humans I’ve grown to know. 

In what feels like only a moment’s time,

You've opened up my mind,

to such beauty and peace

that makes me feel complete. 

Cambodia, I love you, and I’m sad to be parting ways.

But it’s only a matter of time before I’ll be back to extend my stay. 

The Beach of Emotion:

I dig my feet into the sand at the sea of emotion.

The tide entices me and teasingly pulls me closer towards the sea of emotion. 

I dip my feet into the water of the sea of emotion. 

Then, with one fell swoop, the waves crash onto the shore and I’m one with the sea of emotion. 

I sink slowly to the depths of the sea of emotion. 

The force of gravity competes with the force of my emotions, pulling me deeper into the sea of emotion. 

I try to take a breath in the sea of emotion. 

But the weight of my sorrow drowns me in the sea of emotion. 

Love Tasting:

You are just an illusion, 

I swear it’s not delusion.

People in my Ear:

I’m growing sick and tired of all these people in my ear,

telling me things they think I should hear. 

Who do they think they are? 

Imposing their views on everyone around. 

Why I give them the time of day?

I still wonder this day after day. 

Maybe it’s because their thoughts entertain me 

Never delude, but quite often amuse. 

I can’t help but smile at the enormity of their pride 

and the fact that they try to hide behind their deluded lies.  

There’s nothing worse than to be put under their curse.

This curse that hurts and continually strings us along. 

I’ve kept myself sane and avoided the pain

By learning to use a little thing I like to call my brain.

Mind Games:

When the mind is in use it becomes something of great use. 

Our thoughts come alive and help us to realize,

Just how beautiful we are deep, down inside.  

When the mind is dead, our thoughts sink like lead.

Our mind deceives and leads us to believe,

that nothing about us is ever worth discovering.

Heart Attack: 

You want me to speak like it will bring you some sort of peace. 

You want me to feel and be real so you can appear as some sort of big deal. 

You demand so much of me, but I can’t stop loving you.

I want to move on, but my heart still holds on. 

And it’s this burden I carry that keeps me from holding back. 

I want to deny you and part ways with this burden,

But there’s just something about you that gives me such peace. 

And these palpitations that tempt me and utterly shake me,

Keep me awake at night until delirium ultimately takes me. 

Salty Paradise: 

Nestled so warmly between its golden grains,

My feet appear so calmly in this subdued display. 

Tangled by a spirit, so free as it passes by,

My hair is comfortably taken by this stream of temperate air.

Blanketed so tenderly by its golden arms of light,

My body shutters with every endearing stroke of warmth.  

Moist at the touch of the salty blue, 

My lips enjoy a kiss from this dreamy abyss.

Mesmerized entirely by this sight that excites,

My eyes are dampened and dripping with delight.

A smile so wide becomes easy to recognize,

As there’s no other place that gives me quite the same face. 

My mind keeps on dreaming about the thought of never leaving.

For I couldn't imagine being anywhere but this salty slice of paradise. 

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