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Park Dweller by Day, Budding Poet by Night.

Dreaming of Summer:

Walk my way on a summer's day

and you'll find me smiling with nothing to say.

My smile tells stories from moments long ago.

Moments I cherish that have long gone and perished. 

But if you sit down and listen to the tales that make my heart glisten, 

I'll cherish you forever knowing you're always willing to listen.

Don't take my heart for granted,

For a loving seed has been planted.

Planted in the pit of my heart just waiting for love to kickstart. 

Nature's Company:

The sun rises, and I'm suddenly alive.

and filled with a sense of utter delight.

This ringing in my ear is nothing to fear,

For it's simply the birds chirping a cheerful tune.

I sit and I wait as I watch life take flight.

How I'm filled with delight whenever I smile at such a sight.

The mountains surrounding are, oh, so astounding.

And project their royal blues whenever the sun comes into view.

The breeze fills my lungs with a touch of air, 

And reminds them what it's like to breathe in that mountain air.

My mind is put at ease by nature's whilrpool of tease,

As it is now evident to me that dawn is upon us. 

Eye See You:

Look into my eyes and feel your heart melt inside.

For what we have is eyes to eyes, 

so don't be surprised if you soon realize

this feeling you've been harboring deep, down inside. 

What we have is hard to find 

and seemingly impossible to outright deny. 

When our eyes lock in a gaze,

I'm transported to this literal daze. 

For it's our eyes that tell a story,

No bounds, love found. 

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