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My Wandering Mind

How can we expect to feel when all that we are is empty?

Fond Feelings:

The feeling one gets when the sun strikes the face at just the right moment...

its rays gently caressing the soul and delivering it to comfort. 

Each time I'm touched by the sun, an indescribable feeling bursts from my soul. 

I am lost without the presence of the sun; and but a mere prisoner to the darkness that washes over me long after the sun's hues have faded. 

I flock to books to flee;

to flee from worries;

to flee from a society that consistently leaves me distant and misunderstood. 

I find great pleasure in books. For it is a privilege to escape one's own thoughts and to wander into the realm of another's. 

Living frees the soul whereas existing places a chokehold on it. 

We all seem to want love;

We all seem to want to define it; 

But love is empty if we do not take the time to know what it is to feel. 

What it must feel like to be longed for, 

to be loved by, 

and to be understood by the one whom you desire most. 

A Fleeing Heart:

We came into each other's lives unannounced...

We gazed into each other's eyes and saw hope in one another...

A comforting feeling was present, but we did little to hang on to what we had...

And although my heart aches for you

And although my soul yearns for you 

All I am left with is the fantasy of what could have been and the reality of what we are not...


Why must we hate when there is so much love to give?

Why must we fear when there is so much strength within?

Why must we exist when there are so many reasons to live?

You are the light in my soul; 

my blanket of warmth through my coldest hour;

and my shelter of comfort in my season of healing. 

My love for you is like the sun; 

you warm my soul in times of need; 

your voice so soft and sweet like a summer breeze; 

My love for you runs like a river, gaining speed with every aching desire. 

Even on the gloomiest of days, take comfort in the fact that the sun will rise once again in the morn. 

I hold many fond feelings for the sun...

but one I am most fond of is when the sun's rays dance atop my olive face. 

Each day the sun rises and sets...

and each day, man can either choose to face it or turn it astray. 

If we are to be embraced by the sun's light, 

we must first face the daunting task of familiarizing ourselves with darkness. 

The world is starving...let's try feeding it a bit of humanity. 

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