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The perpetrators of mass atrocity 

Too much pent up animosity 

Bite your tongue and buy some time 

Clearly the world’s not fine

No one seems to want to die 

Die for justice 

One man's sport is my bane

It’s far too insane 

To think we could ever make a change 

We claim what’s not ours 

always stomping around leaving scars 

the dangerous behind the wrong bars

We lay waste to the things our eyes desire

Fancy bow ties and hidden lies 

Empty suits with secretive pursuits 

Glittery gems and furry dens 

Slaughter far beyond the tongue and pen.

too many wildlife markets 

our hands dripping with ink that once beat in lands untouched

Our money reaches out to take lives as if they’re free

Our words speaking as if our breath isn’t taking their’s

Nothing in life is free 

there’s always a price 

But what will it cost to free ourselves 

From the cages we shoot to wear?

Empty world full of people. 

Nothing wild 

We’ve killed it through laws signed with behind the back payments

Why do we continue to let the world bleed? 

Unstitched, we are leaking out 

What spontaneous surprises remain?

I can’t take it anymore 

Can the world take it anymore?

Now’s the time to intervene. 

We consume far beyond our needs

It’s always us so eager to consume. 

But what actually is it that we produce? 

How do we give back as we take?

Recognize the smorgasbord we’ve been given

Our ability too

Buy this and buy that 

Why? Dare I ask.

Because it gives us some sort of thrill? 

Boy, does this make me shrill.

People are dying 

and begging for food

Yet our leaders sit idly by 

Behind crystal glass 

Watch this horrid view. 

When comes our responsibility to provide?

Dress up in a shirt and tie 

Delivering presentations so animals won’t die. 

Is this what it actually takes 

to save the animal race? 

In the name of conservation 

Please just ban this habit 

so we can save the planet 

Save it from ourselves

For goodness sake, let animals roam in their home

It’s time to open our eyes 

and confront our pitiful lies 

It’s such a tragedy we’ve become

Will we ever acknowledge the harm we’ve done? 

Illegal trade to incriminating rage 

The world’s darker than we think

But that’s not what our politicians want us to think. 

Media set up like a show

“We’ve finally got him in our hands

This criminal 

Now off with his head 

For we’ve finally soiled his plan.” 

But little do we know the extent of this man

and those he allowed in his lethal clan 

Placed him in a cage like all the animals he maimed 

Break his spirit 

and bring him to the brink of rage 

For his crimes are inexplicable;

simply despicable 

Mustn’t we forget the middlemen 

Who report to their pyramid of power 

Don’t you dare compromise their money shower

Do we actually question those in power? 

You know, the ones we appoint 

who always seem to disappoint

Paid by our greedy routines

Maybe next time we should take a stand 

Think outside the box

and stop feeding the palms of their dirty, little hands

For their show is a disgrace 

such puppets we allow to run this race 

A race of people 

who are horribly doomed 

There’s nothing left but a continuous gloom 

So congratulations, humans, we’re utterly fucked! 

Try getting yourselves out of this humiliating rut. 

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