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Society's Disease:

What does it mean when we submit ourselves to society's disease? We throw love around and encourage hate, while paying little attention to our humiliating fate. We say we're destined for fame, But the path we lead is riddled with shame. I can hardly concentrate In a world I've grown to distaste For I'm growing sick and tired of hearing "we care" when all it ever amounts to is despair. I've grown up loving life and being filled with nature's delight. But how will I go on if it vanishes from plain sight? I don't understand how we've placed ourselves at this disadvantage. I suppose it's all that greed and closed pockets mentality we tend to propagate. Our people our starving and outright dying. What else is there to do But to sit and sulk at the sight of this shameful view? Try flashing a smile or two and shedding kindness to more than a few. But prepare yourself for battle as humanity's burdens are not easy to straddle. I'd like to have faith for an unbroken tomorrow, But this world is bleeding and filled with much sorrow. All I can say is to hope and pray For a light to be shined down on this broken display. I'd like to think the solution is clear, But we always seem to crave the fear. Life can be black and white, But it's better in color...much to our delight. So why not take that color and paint the world in love? A love from above that far too many have learned to snub.

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