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Her face once beaming from the sun's glow, Is now lying face down in a coating of snow. A series of icicles pierce her heart. It's a chlling sensation that's been killing her from the start. The petals of her soul once clung onto a love in full bloom. Until the frost of brokenheartedness left her utterly drooping in gloom. The sunlight that's now faded, Has left her heart terribly jaded. There's no knowing when this season will pass. For it could very well be her last.

Closed in: These walls surround me And constantly grab me. Snatching my very soul, And robbing my mind of peace. I'm buried in unrest, Tossing and turning from the relentless distress. Tear down these walls that keep out the light. So I can finally escape this prison that keeps me up at night.


It's my lips you resist, But so desperately want to kiss. This longing for a love, Your heart can't bear to miss. It's the mind that orchestrates rhymes, Which complicates love sometimes It's not me, but your mind that's committed the most vulgar crimes. Yet you listen to its lies. How it feeds you such devastating lies. Your mind is deceiving, Constantly inflicting an internal beating. A beating of the heart, That's been tormenting you from the start. It's your heart that keeps you up at night, but your mind that keeps you running. Running from love And what you feel deep down inside.

This Body of Mine: These legs will climb up mountains. These lungs will breathe breaths full of life. This heart will beat for a long-lost love. These hands will unfold and work to console. These feet will walk this Earth, along every crack and inch of dirt. This mind will erupt with thoughts that will encourage not corrupt. These lips will kiss the sun each morning and taste the night’s starry nectar. These ears will listen to every sound from the Earth’s musicians. These eyes will see the beauty in every precious life. This body of mine is sacred And I intend to use it for how it was created.

Sun Dance: The sun danced across her face. The girl suddenly alive. Warmed by the touch, Her heart glowing inside. The shadows have vanished. A darkness the sun has banished. The girl now free to go and live peacefully.

Numb: Cold and brittle love leaves me, How little I must feel trying to solve love’s riddle. Say you won’t leave me, But your words are misleading. I’ve tried numbing my emotion, But it only halts further motion. The season for love is hot, But I’m left a prisoner to your winter storm. Your touch once warming to my soul, Now leaves me frostbitten and utterly cold. The roaring fire of my heart is now extinguished Thanks to your silent winds that blew out the flames. Such a peculiar feeling desire is. Longing for a love to take your breath away, When all it ever amounts to is choking. It’s love that’s now laughing in my face. Constantly taunting and bringing me disgrace. It’s hard to move on, When love is constantly on the run. But I’m through with love’s games. How it brings my version such shame. So here’s to throwing out the rules, For my love makes no fools.


To see the light is to have known the darkness.

White Wall Prison: They say I'm fine, But I know I'm not deep inside. My feelings unleash, So they proceed to put me on a leash. I try to be brave, But the pain just brings me more rage. It's not their words I fear, But all my pent up tears. I try to explain, But their ignorant ears label me insane. How do I go on, When I've clearly been hiding for so long? I suppose I shall continue to wait, Until this tormentor of mine seals my fate.

Surround Me: Take me by the hand And escort me to the shore. Sit with me in the sand And caress me with your gentle hands. Trace my skin and make me feel from within It's your touch I adore to the very depths of the ocean floor. Speak your lovely words and take my mind for a whirl. It's my heart that's so full Each time I feel your pull. Comb your fingers through my waves of hair, So each breath I breathe will be without a care. Take my hand in yours and cradle me to the core. Watch with me as the waves roll in, And feel the rush it carries with the summer wind. Promise you'll never leave me; Always remain by my side. For I will grieve the summer day where I have nowhere left to lay my weary head.

My Wish: I wish things were easier. Why do we refuse to talk? I love the way it makes me feel Whenever you and I can just be real. Why does life get in the way? This burdens me day after day. But I give you your space Though I fear someone has taken my place. And while I'm left still trying to hold on I ultimately realize you're gone. I'm not getting you back. It's time to quit putting my heart under attack.

Black Hole: I've turned into this black hole, That has undoubtedly left me shriveled and cold. My feelings have gone numb. But I suppose it's caused by this feeling of wanting to run. I can't help but ponder at how frequently my thoughts make me shudder; And fill my mind with a disease that seems to never cease. A cloud of darkness has now drifted over me, thus, delivering me to this state of desertion. My heart is now decayed, much to my dismay. For my love has run dry, like the tear ducts of my eyes. I suppose what I'm really thirsting for is simply a life beyond this humiliating form.

Oceanic Convergence: Cradle me to the core, whenever I'm wrapped in your salty swirl. Crash into me and give me delight. For it's your hues that shake me and utterly give me the blues. Sing me a tune that will carry me ashore. And deliver me to a comfort that will splendor me forevermore. You are my friend by the seashore. Nothing more. So believe me when I say, I love you more.

Silent Storm: I'm quiet, but not silent And frequently still. Yet my thoughts pierce the mind like thunder. Leaving those in its track helpless and caught in wonder.

Treasure This: My skin is painted by the sun; My hair both messy and undone. The rays of the sun warm my head, and help me find beauty in the days ahead. Nature brings me peace and fills my mind with ease. For there's no greater pleasure than to be immersed in one of life's finest treasures.

Sorrow for Today's Tomorrow: I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders, Forcing me to feel more than most think, Which drives me to the brink of wanting to sink. Sink to the depths of the world's greatest sorrow, Belittling the hope for a redeemed tomorrow. I can't help but be filled with tumult and tears, Having lived all these years consumed by fear. My sorrows are growing and too frequently showing, just how much it pains me to be considered everybody's basket case. I sometimes feel my relationships dwindling, like the fire burnt out on a candlestick, and not worth rekindling. These days it's clear to me that the sun may be my only friend. But even the sun burns too. consequently inflicting an excruciating hurt. A hurt that buries its sting deep into the flesh of those it sets out to curse. You know what they say about time healing all wounds. Well, I'm figuring out much too soon how senseless time's wounds are actually worth healing. You see, time is tricky and seemingly picky. Picky at the wounds it often reopens rather than removes. I'll admit that my negativity is a bit of a tragedy. A tragedy in the sense that there's an abundance of crimes I can no longer deny. For I cannot mistake myself for a victim, when I'm clearly a prisoner to a lie I've only just now openly admitted.

Natural Melody: Flock to the hills and let your heart be still. But pay little regard to the stirring few. For their distraction is slight with Mother Nature in plain sight. Write a few words and sing a blissful tune. For the melodies of your story will unleash an outpouring of glory. A glory of the heart that will make others glisten. But only if they stop and choose to listen. We all have a voice, So let us now rejoice. Rejoice at the sound of those all around.

Ship-Wrecked: If you place your love on a boat, How will it ever stay afloat? For your heart is weary and terribly bleeding. Your love simply won't last aboard this heart-driven collapse. A collapse of the soul, That's now brittle and cold. You're so far estranged, Too much distance and rage. For what now remains is a time-ticking hour glass. Whose sands of time are running out fast, Bringing you closer to the edge of this fatal collapse.

Breaking Free:

I want to break free. I want to let go. But why do I refrain from doing so? Our love has reached a deadlock. My mind now a brick block. When will I learn to take a new turn? A turn far away from this wretched curse. Sanity has escaped me. How will I work to forget thee? For your love is divine; There's simply no other kind.

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