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An Outpouring of the Mind

Light is nature's greatest deceiver. Because even through darkness Earth's light can never be dimmed.

Why do I still hold on? 

Why can't I let you go? 

Why is it that you always win whenever I'm caught in a battle with my heart?

Why do we so easily fall victim to the impulses of the heart?

Perhaps the greatest deception of all is the one where the heart leads us to believe that we are capable of loving again after heartache. 

Spring may come and go, but a flower will continually bloom in the soul of the free.

Why we choose to submit ourselves to the drudgeries of winter when there's a summer warmness in us all will forever remain a mystery to me.

There's only two parts of the day I'm fond of: sunrise and sunset. All the other parts just seem to fill a void.

Somewhere over there you'll find me... Searching for something you'll never know of...and knowing something you'll never see.

Place your pride in a box and bury it in the backyard with the bones.

Revel in the hearts of the joyful Mourn for the hearts of the sorrowful And reminisce on the heart that left you begging for more.

Wisdom multiplies the fruit of the soul, whereas pride depletes the supply.

Water runs through us in a variety of ways... Water can free us by bringing our souls back to the surface from the lowliest of depths and Water can slowly drown us by allowing us to sink to the depths of our darkest desires.

At the end of each fall and at the sight of a new winter, let the leaves of your past fall to your feet and let the falling of a fresh snow coat you in new beginnings. .

Love is the ultimate wound: It scars It burns It rages inside the heart... The wound of love never heals evenly, as we incessantly pick away at it. 

Let the force of the tide pull you in;

embrace the gentle caress of the sea;

roll around in its soothing blanket of blue;

and enjoy a kiss upon nature's saltiest of lips. 

Watch as as the waves crash onto the Earth,

listen as the waves whisper to the shore,

and feel as the waves wash away the brokenness inside you.  

To me the sun is no mere aquaintance;

it is my paradise, my body of warmth. 

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