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A Collection of Poems

You say you want the stars and the moon But how can this be… When you claim they’re out of reach?

Sunshine, sunshine what have you done to me? I’m caught under your spell and nothing can save me. Sunshine, sunshine don’t you dare leave me… I’ve grown dependent and can no longer escape thee. Sunshine, sunshine I don’t like defeat… But your light has worn me down, and I must now retreat.

What a freeing feeling it is to know the sun… To have one’s soul embraced by Nature’s warmest set of arms.

Conceal yourself from the sun and get to know the darkness.

Find a friend in the sun And rejoice at the sight of its comforting glow.

In every encounter with the sun, I'm always left beaming with delight.

The sun has this beautiful way of sharing her warmth with us by removing the numbness in our soul and reminding us that feeling still exists.

Open up your mind and the world will open up to you.

Books are the quintessential backdoor to escape through for those who’s imagination holds no limit.

Affinity for Nature:

The sun is my smile The moon is my soul The rain is my sorrow The wind is my voice… And each time I step outside, I can’t help but stop and pay thanks to nature.

Mourning a Gentle Giant:

Do you remember when I’d sit by your side, and we’d dream of the days where we could be free?

Do you remember when you’d offer me shade and patiently wait with me as I watched the sun fade?

Do you remember when I’d ask you for clarity and your silence was my greatest therapy?

Do you remember when you’d offer me protection and tell me all I really needed was a little redirection?

Do you remember when I’d confide in you when those of the flesh had abandoned me?

And do you remember all the days we would lay happily among nature and giddily smirk at the sights and sounds All the while, forgetting the fact that I was human and you a tree?

To See Your Depth:

Some people have a depth to them as deep as the ocean… This kind of depth is different from others as it is driven by the force of nature. Some days this depth will make you want to dive right in while other days, You'll prefer to drift along the surface. So you see, this depth, like the ocean, contains many layers And it should go without saying that there’s more to an ocean than merely the waves.

Life blossoms into full bloom when we least expect it!

In every encounter with the sun, one must abandon his own notions of freedom to embrace a new freedom of unrecognizable magnitude.

The sun may fade ere the close of the day, but the sun will rise brighter with each dawn.

One who is no longer privy to the sun’s light has fallen so deep into darkness that he can no longer differentiate between the two.

Body of Warmth:

I desire your embrace whenever I’m lonely and feeling misplaced.

You brighten my mood with every shade you shine

I crave your warmth when society leaves me cold

I am a prisoner to your light through every shining glare

Your colors beguile me each time you set the sky ablaze

I swoon at the sight of your show As ever-so effortlessly you appear to glow

You offer such a comforting light Whenever I’m distraught and can no longer fight

I would be lost without you do you not know how much I desire to know you?

Oh, body of warmth how I’ll cherish you forever… long after I’ve departed my Earthly constraints

Comfort is for cowards.

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